Wilkes County, NC

My Dad introduced me to photography when I was in grade school and I was hooked. Surrounded by family members with artistic skills, I found the camera to be the instrument that let me do “my thing,” as I envisioned my subjects through the lens the way they would look as a painting. You would say I am a self-taught photographer, and I’m also an “online learning” fan as a school to learn digital image editing. Now that technology has opened newer doors for me, I can spend hours tinkering in the world of digital image editing.

Watauga County, NC

Photographing nature and traveling to unspoiled natural places... those are two of the things I enjoy most. I spent countless hours in my youth wandering the mountains and streams of northwest North Carolina, and it was there that my love of the natural world was born and nurtured. Later in life, nature photography grew from those early experiences. I completed course work with the New York Institute of Photography and my cameras and lenses became the focus of my time outdoors. My work is concentrated on the southern Appalachians in general and the Blue Ridge in particular, but also includes many images from places farther afield. My images are sold in limited editions and are individually signed and numbered with certificates of authenticity. I hope my photographs inspire others to a greater appreciation of wild or preserved natural places.