Wilkes County, NC

There’s nothing profound or mysterious to be found here- I paint because I love to paint. I enjoy finding a beautiful composition in the commonplace as well as the extraordinary landscapes that surround us in the Western North Carolina. It’s not always easy but when everything comes together the creation of a successful painting that will be appreciated for years to come is a very self-fulfilling endeavor. The challenge of learning how to create that success and the artist friends I’ve met who share the same passion has also been a great pleasure. I began my career as an artist late in life and soon understood the profound words of French Artist Edgar Degas that ‘Painting is easy when you don’t know how, difficult when you do’. The learning challenge is a lifelong pursuit, but one that provides great rewards.

Caldwell County, NC

Growing up in the Midwest my father recognized that I had the Call gift to draw. Eager to provide me with everything I needed to learn to cultivate my talent, he would constantly give me little projects to draw or paint; various items around the house, the family dog or members of our family.