Watauga County

Working primarily in oil on canvas, Jack Hamrick uses his unique impressionist style to create original paintings that arouse our instinctive visceral response to complimentary colors and patterns in the natural environment.

Weather permitting, Susan paints “plein air” outdoor scenes and attends weekly painting sessions with other talented local artists to continually enhance her skills. The art equipment in her studio is intentionally minimal and, using an ever-present phone camera as a primary resource, she recreates her best photos taken while exploring vistas of the High Country. Embracing the stunning beauty of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Susan’s paintings deliver scenes in a manner that allows the observer to visually provide the constant flux of environmental color for a rewarding and very personal interpretation.

“I have always been drawn to beauty, whether in the art of calligraphy, the human form, or the design elements in nature. I believe in the divinity of a creator who took into account every unique detail of each subject, and I strive to honor His creation. It is my hope that as you view my paintings you will experience a sense of serenity and joy that will remind you of the beauty all around us, if we will take the time and have eyes to see.” ~ Deb Sosebee

Kim Abernethy is an oil painter whose impressionistic style draws upon a sense of familiarity, connecting the viewer to a moment in time captured on canvas. She enjoys painting outdoors and in her studio in Boone, NC.

I derive my energy from nature and translate its power through painting. If I can capture that feeling of being overwhelmed, and overpowered, I have done what I set out to do. For me, the darkness in nature is as beautiful as the light. My art is an experiential trek derived from my hiking—thus my desire for large canvases. I want the viewer to step into the moment: feel the spray of a waterfall, hear the rush of a stream, or embrace the coolness of a shadowy path. I want them to investigate the light and the dark. Once captured the viewer can take part in the experience and escape into the landscape.

There’s nothing profound or mysterious to be found here- I paint because I love to paint. I enjoy finding a beautiful composition in the commonplace as well as the extraordinary landscapes that surround us in the Western North Carolina. It’s not always easy but when everything comes together the creation of a successful painting that will be appreciated for years to come is a very self-fulfilling endeavor. The challenge of learning how to create that success and the artist friends I’ve met who share the same passion has also been a great pleasure. I began my career as an artist late in life and soon understood the profound words of French Artist Edgar Degas that ‘Painting is easy when you don’t know how, difficult when you do’. The learning challenge is a lifelong pursuit, but one that provides great rewards.