Watagua County

Pat began weaving in 1987. An award-winning and published artist, Pat has woven various styles of basketry and vessels - Nantucket, sculptural design, twills, coiling with pine needles and contemporary gourds. She has used reed, waxed linen, natural materials such as pine needles, barks and vines, gourds, antlers, foraged forest materials, cane as well as hand-painted paper, threads, wire, yarns, metals, alcohol inks and sometimes recycled materials such as stereo speaker wire, plastic tubing, or videotape.

Linda Spillane grew up on a farm in rural Ashe County working closely to animals and nature. These factors, along with Native American cultural influences significantly inspired and informed her art.

I have been making baskets since 1982 and challenging myself as an artisan to create and design one-of-a-kind baskets by taking creative risks, learning from my failures and stretching preconceived notions of what a basket is.