My forging experience began the summer of 2003 when a good friend of mine, woodworker and blacksmith, Jason A. Lonon, began sharing with me the pleasures of working hot metal.  My efforts to learn were rooted in the self-reliance lifestyle I had taken on.  My early projects included knives, hatchets as well as the obligatory wall-hooks and S-hooks.  For a long time, I forged just for the experience, and took advantage of lessons, classes, and meetings in my area. I mainly forged products I could use in my daily life until I opened my own shop 2012 and started offering work to the public through festivals, craft shows and online sales.  In 2016, I started developing several production items, and continued to forge custom commission works.

Lyle Wheeler is a chairmaker, blacksmith and all-around good ol' boy from Millers Creek, Wilkes County, NC.  He has been creating utilitarian objects of art and desire since before he can remember.  Working in the period of the late 1800s, his furniture is handcrafted, and bench made from native Appalachian hardwoods while his ironwork is forged from mild steel.  Lyle is a professional whimmy-didler and communicates by postcard, one stamp at a time.

As a Dental Ceramist for over 30 years I worked with a variety of metals and for 20 of those years I made fine jewelry. Carving forms into wax first and then pouring in the gold or silver.