Handwoven rag rugs adorned the floors of my childhood home and I was intrigued by the thought of taking discarded cloth and creating an article with renewed life. Years later when I inherited a 4-shaft floor loom from my mother, I had no weaving skills but a strong desire to learn. I found that education at Sawtooth School for Visual Art in Winston-Salem, NC, where I have taken several weaving classes over the past decade.

Mia Milani Design was born out of creativity and love of beanies. I design knit and crochet clothing, accessories and home decor. My inspiration comes from what I see and the materials that I use. I like to use wearable breathable materials that allow for easy care and wear. As a local artisan I strive to perfect my craft by learning new techniques and styles. This allows me to produce one of a kind items.

As a self-taught continual experimenter I am currently creating quilted wall hangings. My designs are twists on traditional patterns, original sketches and photos reflecting the colors, textures and forms inspired by my North Carolina home. My favorite work starts with purchased fabric I manipulate by hand painting, sewing and embellishments to create the color pallet and look I desire for my designs. Most of my wall hangings are completed with free motion sewing on my Brother home sewing machine.

I began crafting my one-of-a-kind handbags in 2005, mostly because of a longtime interest in repurposing castoff and throwaway items. RagBags are created from a variety of materials, including decorator fabric samples, wool sweaters, carpet pieces, books, game boards, and many other objects – even VHS videotape!  Broken jewelry, vintage buttons, and other items are used as embellishments.  I am totally self-taught using no patterns and I do all my sewing on a 1958 Singer Featherweight machine.