I was born and raised in Lincoln County, NC, not far from the potters of the Catawba Valley area. Unfortunately, my love of pottery did not begin at an early age; but once I recognized the importance and history of local pottery, I began acquiring and collecting pieces from as many area potters as possible, including B.B. Craig, his son Don Craig, and Charles Lisk. As I began purchasing pottery and visiting potters at work, I decided I wanted to try my hand at the art.

I graduated from UNC CH with a BFA. After taking a production pottery course with Zedith Teague Garner, I worked in her shop (Teague's Pottery) for 2 years. My husband and I moved to Ashe county in 1976, the first activities being to build  a clay workshop and a wood-fired groundhog kiln. Over the next 25 years, I never grew tired of the wood-fire process; We did change to a larger down-draft style, though. I used a mid range stoneware, wheel thrown, decorated with figures brushed or etched through the slip.

Information Coming Soon…

Information Coming Soon…

Jane produces a variety of decorative and functional wares from clay. Often the piece begins as a traditional, wheel turned pot that is then altered to suit her whimsy. Her training as a painter shows through in her sculpted faces and animals. She earned her MFA at UNC-G and has taught all levels, pre-school thru university.

I have been drawn to creativity in all forms throughout my life and I have taken the opportunity to explore many types of media. I’ve enjoyed painting, glass blowing, jewelry and clock making, computer graphics even a black smith! But in 2009 I took a beginner’s pottery class at the Wilkes Art Gallery and found a passion in me for clay. I love its versatility and hands on quality.

Ocean invertebrates such as coral, sea sponges, and clams are just a few of the sea creatures that inspire my ceramic art. While sculpting, I often think back to the first time I visited the beach where I felt the might and awe of God. That visit inspired me to create my sculptures and wall hangings that reflect on our natural world and on my Christian faith. I live and work in Surry County, far from the shore, so I pull from my imagination and computer images while creating my work.