Watauga County, NC

Weather permitting, Susan paints “plein air” outdoor scenes and attends weekly painting sessions with other talented local artists to continually enhance her skills. The art equipment in her studio is intentionally minimal and, using an ever-present phone camera as a primary resource, she recreates her best photos taken while exploring vistas of the High Country. Embracing the stunning beauty of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Susan’s paintings deliver scenes in a manner that allows the observer to visually provide the constant flux of environmental color for a rewarding and very personal interpretation.

Ashe County, NC

The beauty of nature in our world inspires and uplifts Susan. Sadly, what she loves may soon cease to exist as evidenced by recent natural disasters of fire, flood, draught, and storm. She feels compelled to express her perceptions and impressions of nature somewhat like a celebration, as we celebrate our nostalgic memories of our loved ones passed.

Susan’s art goes beyond simply recording visual experiences in a free flow of self-expression. Her work has an Asian influence using the lyrical abstract expressionist approach, which involves colorful brushwork with an absence of premeditated form and structure. It is lyrical because, like music, the colors sing.

Wilkes County, NC

Having lived in Wilkes or Watauga counties all my life I was that child that the other school kids persuaded to draw things for...